Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pengat Pisang Mama...

I have 2 other pending entree before this one but this has to go before i terforget!

Mama thot me how to make this the last time she was in cairo, i had a bunch of frens over for din din to meet my family and my mama thot pengat pisang is very the malaysian and perfect for personally not fan, in fact i never liked any pengat unless they are chilled...then i like....

So today, we invited ourself to Shilme's house for tea and i thot ill make this..the recipe is super simple but i almost forgot thats y this is top priority!

Pengat Pisang Mama

8 banana
1 ketul gula melaka ( 1/2 cup maybe )
2 tbsp sago pearls ( soaked for 10 mins )
1 can of coconut milk
1.5 litre water
1 pandanus leaf

1 .Cut the banana in the middle and slice it in halves
2. Boil the water with your gula melaka until dissolve
3. Add the bananas , soaked sago pearls and your pandanous leaf
4. let it simmer for awhile until your sago is transparent and bananas is a bit soft
5. Add in the coconut milk and stir in slowly
6. Bring it to boil but dont over boil as u might break the coconut milk ( like what happen to me today..darn)
7. And ure done!!...

serve warm or chilled......

it took me less then 30 mins to do this..with little bubbles...dangling on my legs! :D


little miss kechik said...

yummyy.. i luvvv pengat pisang. this look like mama's recipe. tapi aritu... mak long i buat, its sooo thick & yummy.. i duno how she does it. nanti i recce. hehehe

sugarysweet said...

gone are my 'rajin buat kuih' days..
nowadays abit too concious about the waistline to even bother..

but u keep it up gurl..
turun ilmu to ur daughter..hehe

theadams said...

Reena, it's sooo yummy, i really hv no idea that we can make pengat out of dole/del monte, since we always hv many species of pisang back home... some 4 pengat, some 4 goreng ... i.e your pisang & king's pisang (pisang awak&pisang raja hehehe)
Anyways i loves it chilled too... juz finish a bowl of it 4 bfast...;).Thanks daun keladi!

a yummy mummy handbook said...

tima kacih!!! :D

waistline..uhuhuh..mine is getting bigger!

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