Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chocolate Cake & Sotong Goreng Tepung

this cake is really sedap...and senang yang teramat..u dont even need a cake mixer or a food processor...just manual labour...good way to work that flabby arms!! hahaha...anyway i got this recipe from a fren's fren and tried it yesterday. 1st i was abit sceptical about it coz the mix was really watery..but i realise thats what makes its soo moist and yums...

u have to bare with me on the recipe as it was copied down from YM...


Pre heat the oven to 250 DegC

1. 125g butter + 1 cup of boiling water + 1/2 teaspoon salt + 1 teaspoon nescafe - melt together in a soucepan..once melted, this mix should make 1 1/2 cup, so u will need to add enuff corn oil to make this mix 2 1/5 cup.

2. 2 eggs ( beat ) + 2 cups castor sugar + 1 1/5 cup evaporated milk - whisk this together in a bowl

3. 2 cups of plain flour + 1 teaspoon sodium bocarbonate + 1 teaspoon baing powder + 1 1/5 cup cocoa powder - siff this together

4. Add 1 and 2 together and mix well

5. Add 3 and 4 together in a big bowl and mix well. Stir in slowly in one direction until everything is combine together and no bubbles appear.

6. Once everything is mixed, pour everything is a baking tin that been buttered and powdered. and Stick it in the oven for 45 min to a hour.

Choc topping

100 g cooking choc
35g butter
60g condense milk

boil all this together until melted and pour over baked cake.

Serve with some vanilla ice cream...yummmsss
made this on the 1st day of puase...and i think its even better then 'ah choons' sotong goreng tepung..hahha ( those u lived in sitiawan will know which ah choon im taking about)

here goes...


1 bowl of sotong/calamari - sliced and cleaned
1 egg whites - beaten
2 1/2 cup of plain flour - season well with salt,pepper and some crushed dried chilies to flavour the flour
1 cup of cooking oil

Add in the sotong in the beaten egg whites and then coat it with the seasoned flour, do this until u finished all the sotong and deep fry them until brown.

P/S - I was told that `ah choon' uses tepung ubi instead of plain flour...but it will meletup letup sikit when u fry!!...i want this tauhu goreng recipe!!! .......


little miss kechik said...

seriusly? BETTER Than ah chun?? makk ai.. gotta try! u making me hungry lady!! hahaha!

khemy said...

u make me hungry too, woman..takper lagi 2 setengah jam nak berbuka..

khemy said...

ah chun's 'sotong goreng tepung' got more tepung than sotong..we've been dooped!

*chop, ah chun tu tokeh canteen acs kan? kalau silap aku malu but whatever her name is.. tipah tertipu

a yummy mummy handbook said...

khemy...u reminded me about our school kantin food....sotong goreng die pun sedap gak...always runs out....and the laksa....50 cent laksa...

little miss kechik said...

bukan a.. ah chun tu kat lumut.. and also another one in manjung. and its a he. hehehe! blk raya gi a tapau soteng goreng tepung die. and his sotong goreng tepung.. more sotong than tepung. heheh! iconic wa cakap lu. tapi kalu recipe ina ni lagi iconic, aku nak suruh ah chun benti keje je. and yea i also want the tauhu goreng recipe la. the one w/ chili pastu macam ade rasa limau2 tu. yumm!

sheefa said...

If u use tepung ubi it wont meletu-letup lah.. the trick is to towel dry the sotongs b4 u coat 'em with flour. Tapi Ah chun ajar, mix 1 egg with tepung ubi then add salt & pepper. (tapi i rase dia letak Aji..) Mix the sotongs in the mixture then fry in the pan. Crunchy dia lain sikitlah dari guna tepung biasa. Oh ya, i put some curry powder for some extra taste. Few pinches cukup.

Cuba try!

a yummy mummy handbook said...

welcome my dearest sis....i will try again..with curry powder let see.....

little miss kechik said...

my all this sotong talk btul menduga kepuasaan i la.. hahahahah!

a yummy mummy handbook said...

poison poison......

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