Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mama dearest Kuah Kacang & Lontong

What would i do without my mama..i would be pretty helpless. I called her up raya eve to ask for these recipe...i cant be home so i was determine to bring home here.:D

who knows i might still need it for next year...uwaaaaaa i hope not!!!

i was salving myself in the kitchen to make these well at least the kuah kacang..but it was worth ed!

Kuah Kacang ( Peanut Sauce )

1 kg peanuts - fried with no oil unti brown, skin removed and crushed to small peices (you could also put i the FP and pulse it til its crushed but not grounded)

25 peice of cili kering (more if ulike it spicy)
3in ginger
6 cloves garlic
6 shallots or 2 big red onions

Blend all this ingredients together.

4 tsp oil
5 stalk of serai/lemon grass, bruised
3/4 cup of asam jawa (tamarind juice)
4 cups of water
Salt to taste
8 teaspoon of Sugar (add this bit by bit until u got the taste u want)

Fry Mix.A until naik bau and garing
Once u see the oil starting to float, add the air assam jawa and water and serai.
Let it boiled for about 5 mins and add the crushed kacang/peanuts in with salt and sugar to taste.

Lontong (Sayur Lodeh)

2 terung (cut in small peices)
a bunch of long bean or green beans (slice thinly)
3 medium carrot (sliced)
2 packet of tempe (slight fried)
2 packet of tofu (slight fried)
6 clove garlic
2 big red onions
2 inch of kunyit hidup or powder if u dont have any
4 cups of water
2 tsp of oil
1 can of thick coconut milk
salt and sugar to taste
1 maggi vegie cube (optional)

1. Blend the garlic,onion,kunyit together with 1 cup of water. Then tumis/fried til naik bau.
2. Then masukkan air, garam and gula
3. Once boiling add, carrots, terung,beans,tempe and tofu
4. Let it boil for about 5 mins and add n the coconut milk and vegie cube(optional)and boil until for another 10 to 15 mins.

And thats done!

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